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Venita Vardon, President AHCA raised prize winning Oakvardon Afghan Hounds at The Oakridge Estate.  Phyllis Rainer Kennel Manager


the 1936 release of "The Great Ziegfeld".  It was about this time that this chorus line beauty met Jack Oakie.  They were married in March 1936.  The Oakies were known to have as many as 150 dogs at Oakridge after purchasing the house from Barbara Stanwyck in 1941. Their relationship was on and off, with the tabloids reporting two marriages, two divorces and another reconciliation shortly before Venita was killed in a 1948 plane crash.  Jack was supposed to be on that flight but cancelled at the last minute due to his filming schedule. 

     Venita is best remembered for her beauty and independence.  She was the energy behind Oakvardon kennels, breeder of prize winning Afghan Hounds.   Even today, almost seven decades after her passing, the memory of her Afghans is kept alive by serious breeders world-wide. 

1910 - 1948

Jack Oakie Venita Vardon The Oakridge Estate

Born in Georgia in 1910, by her early 20's Venita was performing on Broadway in Ziegfeld Follies.  At some point she moved to Hollywood and played a bit role in

Venita and Jack -

A very special thank to the global Afghan Hound Times community and publisher Steve Tilloton for use of this image and for sharing your research. 

Remarkably, in 1931,  Zeppo and Marion Marx imported the founding Afghan Hounds into the U.S. from Europe.

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