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Vintage Aerial Photos

Black and white images courtesy of UCLA Department of Geography, The Benjamin and Gladys Thomas Air Photo Archives, Spence Air Photo Collection.  Used with permission, copyright UCLA Department of Geography


Stanwyck and Marx homes looking North towards Santa Suzanna mountains

circa 1938

Northridge Real Estate Map

(Image courtesy of Melissa Brown Biddermann Family)


Stanwyck and Marx homes looking East towards Reseda Blvd. Devonshire St. at upper left


Looking north, Marwyck Ranch and Santa Susana Mountains.

Looking north from a walnut grove (later, Huntsinger’s Turkey Farm, 1945-52), towards

Marwyck Ranch training track and the homes of Zeppo and Marion Marx (left) and Barbara 

Stanwyck (right).


San Fernando Valley - Balboa Boulevard looking west to Chatsworth and Devonshire Downs near center. Directly above it is Northridge Farms, Formerly Marwyck Ranch.

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