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Harry S. Hart

1894 - 1966

     Harry S. Hart came to stay in California in the mid 1930’s, never to return to the Kentucky Bluegrass Country.  In November 1936, when Seabisquit was making headlines, Harry  resigned his position as trainer and manager of Le Mar Stock Farm Stable near Lexington Kentucky to join Barbara Stanwyck and Zeppo Marx to design a state-of-the-art 130 acre Thoroughbred racehorse breeding and training training ranch in Northridge, CA. "The completed plant would contain a training barn, a six-furlong training track, barns for broodmares, stallions, and yearlings as well as an isolation barn. Sufficient money had been allocated to make the stud one of the most complete in California.  Natives recalled the appearance of the property, a more or less desolate looking 130 acres which had nearly been “farmed out” by truck gardeners. By the spring of 1938, Marwyck Ranch had been transformed by manager Harry Hart into a refreshing looking thoroughbred nursery with practical barns, green paddocks, freshly painted white fences, good roadways, and beautiful residences. It was a real beehive of activity evidenced by the fact that it had become necessary to lock the front entrance gate (located on Reseda Blvd.) on Sundays and holidays. Visitors became so numerous the roadways on the property became blocked with traffic and overrun with sightseers." The Blood-Horse April 2, 1938.  Harry continued to manage Marwyck Ranch until J.H. Ryan purchased the property in 1943 and replaced Harry with  Flavio Lomax as ranch manager.

     Thank you Pat LoPresti for your extensive Harry Hart research

Barbara Stanwyck, Harry Hart and Marion Marx, Motion Picture Magazine, Feb. 1939

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