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Oakridge Estate

Oakridge EstateTour

Mark the 109th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic with Mr. Carter's memories of playing Stanwyck's son in the 1953 film Titanic. Recorded in 2019.

The Oakridge Estate Tour

Advance Registration Required

Sun, March 17 @ 2p - SOLD OUT
Please check back for new dates or add
your name to our email list.

These are 75 minute docent led tours through  all the rooms of the house.  Included are vintage photo displays and a history of the prior residents while living at Oakridge.  

Due to anticipated restoration, this is a wonderful opportunity to see the Estate as it was in 1937.


Friends' first 10 years' accomplishments include hosting programming and docent led tours for  4,300 visitors, helping to locate funding for a badly needed roof, driveway and 32 additional parking spaces, and, with your help, installing front yard landscaping and 7 Oak trees planted by Stanwyck in 1937, but more recently lost to drought and disease.

Your contributions will go towards continued restoration of the historic estate.

Friends of Oakridge is a 501 c (3) charitable organization, EIN #45-1626582.  All donations are deemed tax deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer.  No goods or services were provided for your contribution.

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks recently obtained $800,000 in funding for the preservation of the Estate.  Until Friends receives more guidance on when restoration will begin, Friends tours and events will be scheduled just 30 days in advance.  Please add your name to our email list for some events that will be promoted exclusively to our list. 

Oakridge History on YouTube

Shirley Temple Bday.jpg

Shirley Temple's 21st Birthday-In April 1949, Ms. Temple celebrated her 21st birthday during the filming of The Story of Seabiscuit, originally titled Always Sweethearts,  at Northridge Farms.  Northridge Farms was the name given to Marwyck when the ranch was sold in 1943 to J.H. and Annette Ryan and Mary Strnad.

Devonshire 1940s cropped.jpg

Devonshire St. 1940s- 35mm film driving on Devonshire St.  Film starts just east of Reseda Blvd. and heads west until 2:28, when the direction changes west to east.
  Marwyck/Oakridge/Northridge Farms can be seen in the right area of the screen at about :47.  At 4:45, DesiLu Ranch can be seen.  Lucy and Desi lived in Chatsworth from 1941 to 1956.

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